Becoming the second tourist city in Indonesia after Bali, Yogyakarta continues to rest by adding and improving places in the City and in the District along with the Pesona Indonesia program. Developing tourist objects by keeping quiet we are in the success of this Pesona Indonesia program. From various backgrounds and experiences, we joined to blend in by choosing Timang Beach as our inspiration in this program.

Challenging but just right to enjoy!

Timang Tour is a tour agent provider in Yogyakarta that provides the latest Jogja tour packages by offering the best prices and facilities. Standing from individuals since 5 years ago who were playing at Timang Gondola Beach, now Timang Tour serves souvenirs in various areas of Yogyakarta and its surroundings.

Vision & Mission
Become one of the professional companies in the tourism sector by succeeding in a better Pesona Indonesia program for Indonesia.

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  1. Reviews of special tertiary attractions in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas
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  3. Cheapest tourist car rental in Yogyakarta
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